Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Some funnies with creating and writing to event logs

Today I was working with my project team on tracing and diagnostics, and we made a decision to move all of our event sources into a new application log.  So, I changed my installer to create a new application log, removed my old application sources and registered my new application sources.  

I then made sure that the BizUnit tests were changed to look for the event log entries in the correct event log and ran the regression suite and guess what - they all failed!  I looked for the events and found that my new event log was there but pitifully empty and instead the events were still being written into the Application log.  

I then checked my registry keys in HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/EventLog and they were all OK as well, all pointing to the correct event log.

I was also wondering if this was a Windows 2008 thing, because the event log infrastructure has changed quite a bit in there as well.

I did a bit of rooting around, and found some good thoughts out there, including a forums post here which is one place that points to some support info from Microsoft and that didn't really take me anywhere because I was doing what seemed to be the right thing already.

In the end it was much more mundane.  If you have removed an event source and registered it onto a different event log you need to reboot.  When the machine comes back up again all the events go into the right place. 

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