Friday, May 15, 2009

BizTalk Pipeline Component Wizard

I have been really busy lately!  Not that it's much interest to the general internet public out there but I am getting up to speed on a new ESB project on BizTalk 2009 and I haven't had much time to author any posts.

My new project, being a service-bus design that makes maximum use of messaging and minimum use of orchestration, requires me to design a lot of custom pipelines and pipeline components.  I have noticed that on Codeplex there is a new version of the pipeline component wizard that is updated for BizTalk 2009 (presumably this is just the versions of the referenced assemblies as the interfaces look pretty much the same).  You can find it here:

If you're interested in BizTalk but have not created your own pipelines yet, then please do go through the SDK to see how they're built.  There is a huge amount of power in there that is just waiting to be unleashed!

Also, because the messaging features of BizTalk (i.e. send + reveive ports) use the application bindings to link the components together they are far more flexible for installing updated versions than orchestrations, which have subscriptions that need to be managed in an upgrade scenario.

Happy Pipelining!


Anonymous said...

Can this Pipeline wizard works with Windows 2008 stanards and vs 2008 and Bztalk 2009?

I am getting following error while installing the pipeline wizard.

"The product depends on Biztalk server 2010 and cannot be used with previous version " . Any advice?

Anonymous said...

Am also getting the above error, any resolution to get it work for BT 2009?
Please suggest.